Titleist Performance Institute

Physical Golf Assessment

This program is designed for golfers who have an interest in improving their ball striking through an intense focus on your individual movement patterns. During your session, our TPI-CGFI (Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness Instructor) Margo Fonda will assess your balance, stability, and mobility as they relate to your individual kinematic sequence. Specific exercises will be conducted to improve your weak areas and you will be able to access the exercise library through the Titleist Performance Institute.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

What Is TPI?

Titleist Performance Assessment (TPI) is a physical Mobility and Stability screening that will pinpoint anything that could be robbing you of consistency, distance, accuracy or even causing you pain or dissatisfaction with your game.

For Example:
33% of golfers have C-Posture. C-Posture will cause three main problems in your golf swing:

  1. Loss of distance
  2. Loss of power
  3. Slicing

How Will It Help Me?

An assessment is used to help you and your instructor work towards the most efficient golf swing for you! Based on the results of your screening we can determine how your limitations have been affecting your swing. At this point we can prescribe the most efficient way for you to swing the club with your limitations.

What Happens During A TPI Assessment? How Long Does it Take?

A TPI Assessment will take up to two hours. During this time you will be led through a golf specific fitness screening that will not only give you a blueprint for improvement of your golf fitness, but will be communicated with your swing coach so that they can help you improve your golf swing more efficiently based on what your body can physically do. Swing fault characteristics are revealed that can be targeted with corrective exercises.

The assessment costs $185 and includes:

  • Professional mobility & stability screening.
  • 3 month online work out.
  • 3 month membership to MYTPI.com

For more details about these services…
Contact Margo Fonda, based at the Ballantyne Hotel Fitness Center, directly at 704-608-7127 or mfonda@spaballantyne.com

Dana Rader’s student Scott Cawood commented, “Growth in golf requires commitment, not just to lessons, drills, practice and play, but also to a focused fitness regimen. The TPI discipline strengthens the efficiency and power of your golf swing and promotes proper posture. In a sense, you practice while you exercise, as muscle memory builds with each move and stretch. If you really want to reach the next level, ask to have a physical fitness program developed that will complement your golf game.”