Our new Dedicated Junior Golf Program is for young golfers who are interested in progressing in the game, have the aptitude for practice and have future aspirations of playing at a higher level.

They will meet twice a week, for 12 weeks, which will include a “Teaching” clinic (Skill Development) and a “Coaching” clinic (Supervised Practice) to learn new skills and practice with the watchful eye of a coach.

They will progress with the use of a “Color Code” system similar to karate where they advance to different levels based upon their scores on the golf course.  Certain weeks will be on-course with playing challenges to determine their playing progression.  In order to graduate colors they must shoot EVEN PAR from their respective teeing ground.

The program is open to all skill levels, ages 9-17 years old and own their own golf equipment.

Spring Semester:  12 weeks, Tuesday and Wednesday, 5:00PM-6:00PM

Fall Semester:       12 weeks, Tuesday and Wednesday, 5:00PM-6:00PM


All classes have a 4:1 Student Teacher Ratio. There will not be refunds or make-ups for missed days of instruction.